1. Pics of various Oxo Lineups from 1993 on & historical pics

Original Lineup with Neal Dominque (New Orleans) on sax L 2 R: Doug, Neal Dominque, Ivan Hamilton (drums & vocal), Dave Brett (guitar), Craig
Dunedin Mayor Peter Chin at the Oxo drum kit in the Octagon Dunedin, with Anders, Kelly, Lizzie & the Junior Oxos
left - right: Tama Taita, Nick Leeden, Jack Hiku, John Meddings, Doug, Stuart Walker, Ch 9 crew, John Dodd, John Egenes, Marcel .. Rehearsal Glenroy Auditorium
Coffee break before soundcheck - In the Round concert Octagon 07'
Doug and son Struan with Cath, Sophie, Niamh & Kerry .. Santa Parade Oxettes
Marcel in Rehearsal
Oxo Cubans Big Band Hospice Concert 2000 cast & crew with Dunedin Mayor Sukhi Turner
Doug, Marcel & Craig with Mother Goose guitarist Pete Dickson & Sound Engineer Simon Glozier
Jacqui Nyman-Ambrose & John Meddings
Terry Ebeling at Dunedin Santa Parade
Steve 'Huddy' Hudson drummer
Doug Wright
Little Misses Dance Team ..backstage Octagon concert 05'
Marcel & Craig ... Dunedin Santa Parade
Dave Harrison & vocalist Doug Kamo
Rigging In the Round Octagon 07'
Marcel with percussionist Rob Craigie at soundcheck
Oxo Cubans In the Round rehearsal
Kelly Olsen at In the round 07 Octagon concert
Marcel in Rehearsal
Welcome to the photo galleries. Here you'll find photos of the band on stage and in rehearsal, plus a few historical shots. Click on a photo to see it full size.

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